Vrindavan Marg

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Vrindavan's colorful streets pulse with the rhythm of devotion, where every corner holds a story of faith and the air is infused with the timeless essence of spirituality.


Mathura's bustling streets hum with the legacy of Krishna's divine birth, every alleyway a sacred journey through history and myth.


Barsana's vibrant atmosphere dances with the hues of Radha's devotion, every sight a testament to the eternal bond between devotee and deity.


Goverdhan's tranquil lanes echo with tales of Lord Krishna's playful miracles and leelas,each step a pilgrimage of love and reverence.


Gokul's idyllic charm resonates with the laughter of Krishna's childhood antics, every corner a shrine to the innocence of divine presence.


Braj's serene landscapes whisper the secrets of Krishna's youthful adventures, each vista a canvas painted with the strokes of divine playfulness.

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Offer Seva


Sant Seva

This seva goes in fullfillng daily needs of Saints.


Ann Seva

This seva goes into providing food to needy people.


Gau Seva

This seva goes into providing food and shelters to cows.


Vriksharopan Seva

This seva goes into protecting enviroment by planting trees.