Mukharvind Mandir Jatipura
About temple:
  • Mukharwind, also recognized as the Shringar Sthali, is a revered Govardhan Shila within the Vallabh Sampraday. This sacred site is dedicated to the Mukharvind of Giriraj Govardhan and hosts the annual Annakut Pujan, attracting hundreds of devotees who offer worship with milk, flowers, and other sacred offerings. Many embark on their parikrama of Giriraj Govardhan from this point, immersing themselves in the vibrant divine vibrations and energy that characterize this spiritually significant location.
  • Following the Sandhya Aarti at Nathdwara Mandir, ShreeNathji graces the Mukharvind Mandir on Shri Govardhan for Shayan Darshans. During this time, the divine presence is profoundly felt by receptive devotees. However, photography is prohibited after the completion of the Shringar, allowing worshippers to connect intimately with the live spiritual energy emanating from this sacred space.
  • Daily thousands of people offer milk to Lord Krishna here
Jatipura, Govardhan, Uttar Pradesh 281503
Summer Season
Darshan05:00 am – 08:00 pm
Winter Season
Darshan06:00 am – 07:00 pm