Here are top temples of barsana:
bihari ji

Shri Ji (Ladli Ju Maharaj) Mandir

Perched atop one of the hills in Barsana stands the Shrijis Temple, home to the original Radha Krishna Deities of Barsana. The term "Shriji" locally refers to Radha Rani. According to the Varah and Padma Puranas, Shri Krishna, pleased with Brahmas devoted worship at the end of Satya Yug, instructed him to take the form of a hill in Brsabhanupura. This hill, known as Brahma-parvat, is where the temple of Shri Laadli Laal now stands. Established around 5000 years ago by King Vajranabh, the great-grandson of Shri Krishna, this temple holds significance as it houses the lost deities of Lord Krishna and Radha. Over time, the deities were lost, but Narayan Bhatt, a disciple of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, rediscovered and installed them in the Ladli Lal Temple, emphasizing the cherished bond between Lord Krishna and Radha.

bihari ji

Kirti Mandir

There are many temples in Braj, but the first temple of Radharanis mother Kirti has been built in Barsana. The grand Kirti Mandir built in the Rangili Mahal complex is an unmatched example of architectural art. Its grandeur is attracting the devotees towards itself.